Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My first blog

This is the first time I've ever done a blog so please bear with me.  It all started on a hot summer day in Mexico.  A nice lady named Jennifer found me wandering the streets, hungry, thirsty and hurt.  One of my front legs was torn apart, infected and I couldn't walk on it.  She felt sorry for me and decided that I needed to come stay with her at her rescue to get better.  Boy was I ever glad she found me! 

After a good meal and a good nights sleep, the nice lady took me to see a doctor.  The doctor said that my leg wasn't any good any more and that they had to take it off.  If they didn't take it off, I would never be able to use it again and it would probably just cause problems for me in the future.  That being said, surgery was done and the leg was amputated.  It hurt real bad at first, but after a few weeks I got better and better.  Pretty soon it was like that icky old leg was never there and I was running and playing just like any other dog.  I felt great!!

The next step was going to be finding a forever home.........

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